Who Wrote This Thing Anyway??

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Potty training my daughters taught me to stay focused on what really matters.

Once again, the clues are in the question itself. Let me elaborate. Surely you want to treat your readers better than this? That way, your readers will experience it, too. Through a twist of plot and your dastardly writer mind, your narrator, still dressed in summer clothes, finds themselves in a frozen waste. If you answered A, B, or C, you may need to think again. If your answer is D, I can see your point, but remember that the body is clever enough to prioritize danger of immediate death i. Take your time, supper. If you follow your characters around and watch them experience the world, you can describe any setting in great detail without a single wall of text.

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What does your protagonist like? What do they pay attention to first? Are they enjoying the setting they are in? If your narrator met Jack Frost, would they play in the snow or run for the nearest fireplace? But if I could boil everything I said above down to one piece of advice, it would be this:. Then describe them as YOU would. Without boring the pants off everyone. Tune in next week, for Writing Descriptions — Part 2: People! Cried But Did The Thing Anyway is a series of blogs posted on a roughly weekly basis about various challenges faced by one Maria Stanislav, struggling writer, underpaid translator, and chronic volunteer.

Also, have you heard, that my comic, A Song For My Brother , is now available on Etsy, including a wonderfully affordable digital version? Check out the free preview here. Yeah, what the big text above says. The voice of reason can be a downright bitch. The moleskine in which I write my first draft. For the rest of this post to make sense, I suppose I should talk a little about my process. First, I write the words in a Moleskine. Commence the abuse of my pretentious self. Ah, this is where things get interesting.

Then, and only then would I proceed to write the next bit of the story. This is a draft that happens when the body of the novel has been written 1.

This is also the stage where I involve the most trusted of my beta readers. Any real rewriting of pieces of the novel happens at this stage. This draft is basically a proofread of Draft 2. By now, most of the kinks in the manuscript have been ironed out, and it only needs a polish. At the end of this is the product I am ready to show to people.

When to Use Any Way

Let it be bad, as long as it exists. Etcetera, etcetera. To go on writing without making sure that my recent work was making sense was unthinkable. And yet, I decided to try. When I started my second novel, I plunged ahead with my first draft without looking back. Writing on paper has always been a great way to build momentum for me, since the permanence of ink on the page stopped me from spending an hour revising each paragraph.

Now, I was going to harness that momentum, and drive straight into a full first draft without all that pesky type-as-you-go business. And that was where I crashed. For longer than I planned. Because every time I thought of coming back, I imagined the mountain of draft that needed sorting and cleaning before I could move any further in the story. And guess what? Obviously, it has all the expected problems of being the first chapter written before the rest of the book. Its mood is all over the place, but that is a thing that might end up being a feature rather than a bug, considering the mental state of my narrator.

But is it a chunk of text I am going to shake my head at, scrap, and start all over again? I expect nothing in this 10k-word section is going to fall into that category nothing longer than a paragraph, anyway. My first drafts can be rough, messy, overly wordy and under-exposed.

But they will not have plot holes. They will not have inconsistent characterization.

Revisiting “What Is Power Anyway?”

They will not lead me into a dead end. That is also why I need to frequently go back and make sure that I wrote things down the way they happened — because writing anything else would be a lie. Today, picking up my Moleskine again, after long, too long a time, I learned a valuable lesson about writing. And that is, you have to make your own rules.

If I need to spend longer on my first draft, to achieve peace of mind by virtue of my weird-ass Draft 1.

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Anyone in disagreement with my method can — and should — go their own way and write their own way. Leave a comment.

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You can imagine how dangerous being a product of these two cultures can be. It took me the best part of two weeks to go through everything in my only-slighter-bigger-than-studio apartment. Coming back has been an issue, so most of them are still sitting there. But the truth is, if I could click my fingers right now, and have anything from my old home teleported to me?

But clothes, shoes, and similar consumer goods? What would you bring, assuming that people and pets are safe? But memory sticks will fit into a pocket, so it might just work. Laptop if I get the chance. All my important data is always backed up in the cloud. Hi Natasha, Once again you have nailed it with your piece with logic, simplicity and encouragement and once again it is a huge thanks for doing so. Wishing you a fabulous Happy new year and thanks, Natasha for the inspiration and encouragement!

The timing of this post was perfect and great advice for when I needed it the most. Most of the reasons are on your list. Happy New Year to you too, Gina! Glad the post was useful. Thanks and all the best for Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Who Wrote This Thing Anyway?? Who Wrote This Thing Anyway??
Who Wrote This Thing Anyway?? Who Wrote This Thing Anyway??
Who Wrote This Thing Anyway?? Who Wrote This Thing Anyway??
Who Wrote This Thing Anyway?? Who Wrote This Thing Anyway??
Who Wrote This Thing Anyway?? Who Wrote This Thing Anyway??
Who Wrote This Thing Anyway?? Who Wrote This Thing Anyway??

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