300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers)

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I know this is a message board for nurses but I was hoping you could answer my questions regarding surgical technologists. I have already visited the Association of Surgical Technologists website but I am unable to register to get access to their message boards. When I try, I get a prompt that reads, the administrator has denied access to the message boards. I often visit this site and I know how informative you all can be so I thought I would direct my questions to you all. A little background on me. I'm 30 years old and have worked as a CNA for many years.

I have been told by many of my co-workers that are nurses and even two doctors that I have worked for that I should be a nurse. I am interested in becoming a surgical technologist because I think it would be a good fit for me although I think I need to develop a thicker skin. How much math was involved in your pharm class? How much math is involved on the job in real life? How much responsibility does the ST have over correct dosages of medications given to the surgeon? What is the ST responsibility during a code?

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Do ST learn how to stitch open wounds closed or are they only responsible to know the different types of sutures and hand them off to the surgeon? As a new ST how do you anticipate what the surgeon needs next? Don't you basically need to know how to perform the procedure to know what is needed next??? Is this task mainly learned on the job? Thanks in advance for your replies I would try the AST forums again, I'm sorry you had trouble.

I just logged on and they are up right now.

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You will get many good answers here, but all of these topics have been covered in great detail in the AST archives. I am a current ST student, but I can maybe get the ball rolling with a few answers. I have not had the Pharm portion yet, but in my program 2-yr ST degree Mathematical Measurements was required as a pre-req. Algebra was a pre-req of MM. These nurses here would be better able to answer that. Some STs learn suturing, they can sometimes close skin only, sometimes subQ and facia, usually one must be trained as a CFA first assist in order to close. This seems to vary greatly by state and facility.

It seems to me that in the small hospitals, the STs do the most. We all learn the gazillion different sutures. At first, you learn the procedures in school. As you see them done in clinicals, it starts to click in your head. After scrubbing a case once or twice, it gets easier, and before you know it, you just know it. From what they tell me, it's always prudent to study up on any unfamiliar procedures before you get in there. Yes, we need to know as much about the steps in the surgery as the doc, we just don't have the theory behind it that they do.

Best of luck to you! I hope you are able to get logged into the AST forums, if you cannot, pm me and I will get it sorted out for you.

Both forums, ast and allnurses, have been invaluable for me. I am much more prepared going into my program, and have a definite edge. Thank you for your reply CSTwannabe! I really appreciate your input. I plan on starting the surgical technologist program soon so I'm trying to find out as much as I can before it starts so I know my decision to start the program is right. It is hard to know if you really want to do something when you don't have all the facts! Thanks Again!!! Basic math, ratios etc. For example, doc wants hep lock flush units per CC of injectable saline.


Has anyone taken the certification test?

You facility is out of flush but does have units per cc which you can dilute in saline. Straight forward math, but mistakes can kill people. The surgeon tells you the dose they want. You MAY have to calibrate the proper dose, and you state what you are passing to the doc before giving it to them.

It depends. You keep your back table sterile, which can be complicated sometimes.

Who is eligible to take the Certified Surgical Technologist Exam?

If a code happens while the pt is open and the code is successful, you need sterile supplies to finish the. Beyond that, it is dependent on the situation. You may white on your table what and when things happen until someone non sterile arrives to take over that role.

You may have to relieve on compressions. If you are not in the sterile role at the time of the code, you may be a gofer, to get the code cart, other personnel, supplies, etc. Depends on your facility and state. CAAHEP accredited schools are required to teach caths, but your facility dictates whether it is within your scope or not. More essential, you never place one unless you are properly trained.

If you learn it in school, but don't do one for 10 years, you are not necessarily competent to place one so it would likely fall out of your scope. In school, you will learn different types of sutures and needles as well as what they are used for. Please note that calculations are based on mean values, therefore your final results may vary. Course Duration: 04hrs 52mins. The firm maintains expertise in tenant representation, landlord representation, and selling retail-related commercial and mixed-use properties.

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300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers) 300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers)
300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers) 300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers)
300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers) 300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers)
300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers) 300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers)
300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers) 300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers)
300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers) 300 Surgical Technologist Exam (CST) (Questions and Answers)

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