A Place of My Own

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A Place of My Own

When the rains, they pours Life can be so lonely But the faith of the storm Makes the way less heavy This life can seem so unfair but who cares If I can rise up then I will get there. Cause I'm looking for a place to call my own I'm looking for a house to make a home I'm looking for seat upon a throne I'm looking for a place to call my own. The hardest place to go Is where I've never gone before It takes a brave, brave soul But it makes you much stronger.

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I should try to get a copy of this book soon. Thank you Owen for this post. It is always very inspiring to see the energy you have brought to the natural building community. I am about to finish my Ph. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In fact, we took some of our wedding portraits in the bakery.

Michael Pollan: A Place of My Own

Needless to say the aunties were thrilled. In a fast paced society like Singapore, where some form of redevelopment is always going on, a place like Chin Mee Chin Confectionery is very comforting. One of the moment which definitely changed my eye and so my work was the discovery of Venice. My work is a response to the resonances of the Venetian spirit.

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In this city, built on and from mud, I pursue this imperceptible battle against time. I capture its stigmata on the mineral material of the facades. The technique of applying colored coatings to walls has been used in the area around the Mediterranean basin for 4, years.

But how can one grasp light and a wall texture that vibrate beneath a ray of sunlight. I seek out the coarseness, the irregularity, the mark, the rust and the mould, everything that testifies to alterations of material and color. In a perpetual dialogue between inspiration and creation, I invent my own chromatic palette inspired by the observation of this kind of landscape — natural or architectural — and of its transformations, to create a score with pigments, minerals and other elements, which superimposed, mixed, drawn and exalted, will be transformed into a unique and original work.

The view from the cottage is beautiful — hundreds of kilometres of trees, mountains and clouds.

Living Small

During winter, everything is dominated by snow. Everything is white. The silence up there can be loud. I have been there on my own a few times when it was so silent that I could hear my heart beats. You become so small and suddenly you understand how tiny your footprint is in history, in nature, in the universe. Find things to burn, maintain the fire and melt the snow for water… there is no time for stupid imaginary problems — in the mountains, everything becomes essential.

The cottage was built by my great-grandmother when she was young. She was a very strong and special woman with an opinion about everything and was never afraid of sharing, no matter how controversial it might have been.

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The property had good bones but needed a total makeover. Renovating this house became our passion project, hobby and personal treasure hunt. Trips to Paris were spent photographing brass hardware and noting the proportions of lintels and mullion details in doors and windows.

In Italy I visited local marble quarries looking for specific color hues and textures. We sourced Tasmanian oak for the floor. Plasterers from Ireland cast walls with curved corners and baseboards. The sum total of all these small details made a big difference. Curved plaster walls sound different.

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Brushed nickel feels different. Sunlight that falls into a room through antique glass looks different. Leslie Smolan, a Founding Partner of Carbone Smolan Agency in New York, is a strategist and designer known for her relentless pursuit of timeless beauty. Multi-language sutras, paintings, and written histories were stored in a hidden library there, only to be discovered in and removed by British archaeologist Aurel Stein. Thus began a story of dispersal of Dunhuang treasures among many countries whose museums house them in national collections.

Dunhuang desert has vast, beautiful sand dunes, ever-changing by sweeping winds.

With some vegetation and rivers, it is an oasis where ancient trading caravans and pilgrims would stop to rest and worship. I felt peaceful there, where I heard the sound of silence — a call for meditation and deep contemplations. He also consults on branding and publishing services. The space, located just over an hour and a half or so outside of Manhattan, contains some of the most epic artworks in a private collection and was founded by collectors Philippa de Menil, Heiner Friedrich, and Helen Winkle in To me, this space served as a great reminder of how important it is for private art collections to be made accessible to the public and how amazing projects can come of collaborations and shared passions.

The scale of the Richard Serra works for example, engulfs visitors and encourages a level of contemplation that smaller scale works are not able to achieve.

A Place of My Own, The Architecture of Daydreams by Michael Pollan | | Booktopia

Having an architectural background definitely makes me more biased towards three-dimensional works! Based in Singapore, Talenia Phua Gajardo is the founder and director of The Artling — an online art gallery and consultancy featuring top talents in Asian Contemporary Art. She also developed Luxglove, an online marketplace for new and pre-owned luxury goods. This article appears in Fall issue of Chanintr Living Download full issue.

Or explore the entire library Visit the Chanintr Living Archive.

A Place of My Own A Place of My Own
A Place of My Own A Place of My Own
A Place of My Own A Place of My Own
A Place of My Own A Place of My Own
A Place of My Own A Place of My Own

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