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His grandsire, Peter McCue, was and weighed pounds. Joe Hancock appeared to me to approach this size. In spite of this he was all horse from a horseman's point of view.

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Tom Burnett called him the greatest Quarter Horse that ever lived. There is no doubt that he could produce the best-his numerous progeny have proved this.

Steamboat Pilot, September 27, 1962

Joe E. Hancock and his son, Walter, were living at Perryton, Texas, at the time. This is 60 or 70 miles northeast of Amarillo. Walter and his father were both breeders and race horsemen -Quarter Horses that is. Most of the fast horses at that time seemed to be coming from Petersburg, Illinois, where the Watkins family was having fabulous success with a horse named Dan Tucker. His place in the short horse world near the turn of the century was about like that which Leo holds today.

Since so many fast horses were coming from this line, Walter felt fortunate in obtaining John Wilkens. Walter Hancock raised several fast colts by John Wilkens, but the best he ever raised was Joe Hancock. Joe was not out of one of his best mares. As Walter said, she was "not bad enough to give away, but not good enough to sell. Helen Michaelis has a letter from a man who knew the Hancocks and their horses.

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He was G. Mathis, who wrote Helen in saying Joe Hancock was foaled in at Perryton.

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He said Walter E. Hancock was the breeder and owner of both sire and dam. The dam, he said, was sired by a Percheron and out of a good Quarter Mare.

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He added that she was a dark bay with no white on her, being very smooth and well balanced. This jibes well except the date with what Walter told me. John Elbert Ogle, who later raced Joe, also told me his dam had Percheron blood. John Hendrix, writing in The Cattleman in , said "Joe had the legs of a running horse and the body of a light draft horse. The best bet was on the Thoroughbred tracks, as pari-mutuel betting on Quarter Horses was still fifteen or twenty years in the future.

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So like many Quarter Horses before, and some since, Thoroughbred registration papers were obtained for Joe Hancock. He is registered as Brown Wool. He was brown.

lpipeninpi.tk Here his foaling date is given as and his dam as Maggie Murphy. His sire is listed as Wool Winder. Herbert Poyner of Houston first told me about his TB registration. He had a son of Joe Hancock who was also briefly on the Thoroughbred tracks. Both his horse and Joe had to retire when they matured, since they no longer presented the ideal picture of a Thoroughbred. Joe Hancock built his early reputation on the race track, but his real fame was to come as a sire on a Texas ranch.

He was bought for his speed by one of Texas' most astute horsemen, Tom Burnett, and it was on Tom's ranches that he was to spend his last days, siring some of the most famous Quarter Horses it has been Texas' privilege to produce. Need to plan ahead, and would need assignment of at least 4 weeks. References will be provided. In excellent health, smart, willing, gentle, very sweet and easy to work with. Has wonderful flow-. Call Dan Call or e-mail sandel60 yahoo. Have some brand-new and likenew, name-brand slip-on sandals with medium-high heels, size 10M.

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He really cranks up lots of fast swings his rope and comes in behind, or goes slightly by the hind end of the steer to make his throw. A list of the larger ropings won on Peso would include: Riverside, Calif. A few years back, Reg Camarillo a cousin headed on Peso at the Riverside roping to win second. The horse was also hazed on at quite a few rodeos some years ago, and he worked real well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

A Quarterhorse Named Peso A Quarterhorse Named Peso
A Quarterhorse Named Peso A Quarterhorse Named Peso
A Quarterhorse Named Peso A Quarterhorse Named Peso
A Quarterhorse Named Peso A Quarterhorse Named Peso
A Quarterhorse Named Peso A Quarterhorse Named Peso
A Quarterhorse Named Peso A Quarterhorse Named Peso

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