Down to Earth (April series Book 2)

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Our politics, our societies, are arranged around individual and group interests. These interests have to do with class, or ethnicity, or gender, or economics — make your own list.

By asserting these interests, we call out to each other so that as a collective we see and hear one another. And because the areas first and most affected by climate change are the poorest regions of earth, we are talking about the least seen, least represented group on our planet. We have to imagine these people into being, and then grant them rights, and then take unprecedented, society-wide action on that basis. The demand climate change makes on us is to feel empathy for the unborn poor of the global south, and change our economies to act on the basis of their needs.

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Pessimism would be an ethical catastrophe. Global emissions could be cut by a third if the richest 10 percent of humanity cut their use of energy to the same level as affluent, comfortable Europe. That would be misleading. We will see migration on a scale the world has never experienced: United Nations and World Bank estimates of how many people will be forcibly displaced by the middle of this century range from the tens to the hundreds of millions.

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The innocent, who have done the least to damage the environment through the consumption of fossil fuels, will suffer more than the guilty. Most of the carbon humans have put into the atmosphere has been emitted in the last three decades. This is part of the tragedy. It is an account of what went wrong — of how it was that a moment of growing awareness of climate change, and an apparent willingness to act on the knowledge, was allowed to dissipate into stasis and inaction.

The story runs from to People either love them or hate them. We loved them. With tours running every 30 minutes between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm, spots should be available sometime during the day, even in the busier summer months. However, in the past year, the popularity of these canyons has skyrocketed.

I would recommend booking your tour severall months in advance just in case it does sell out. If you read other, older blog articles, they may tell you to visit Lower Antelope Canyon because it is less crowded. This was not true in our case. We visited both canyons on the same day and both had identical crowd levels.

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In fact, Lower Antelope Canyon was so popular in that they experienced wait times of 1 to 3 hours just to enter the canyon. And that was even if you had a reserved time slot! They anticipate waiting times of no longer than 30 minutes to enter the canyon as opposed to 1 to 3 hours for peak season. This also means that fewer tours are offered daily. Now it is more important then ever to book your tour in advance. If you are looking for a fun experience and like the idea of exploring a narrow canyon, then Lower Antelope Canyon gets our vote.

For photographers I recommend Upper Antelope Canyon. And if you want to take a photographic tour , check out Adventurous Antelope Slot Canyons.

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If you want to visit both canyons, I recommend visiting Upper Antelope Canyon at am best chance to see those light beams but make sure you book your tickets well in advance! Now that fewer tours are being offered at Lower Antelope Canyon, midday crowd levels to enter the canyon should be less, and hopefully you will not experience the 1 to 3 hour wait times that they had in If you want to avoid the crowds at Lower Antelope Canyon, consider booking one of the last tours of the day although you will be sacrificing the better lighting conditions.

Whichever canyon you choose, expect large crowds of people, especially midday. The general tour groups get ushered through the canyon rather quickly, making it feel like a rushed experience. To avoid disappointment, make your reservations far in advance at a bare minimum, two months in advance, but up to six months in advance during the summer season. People have been writing in that May time slots are selling out in early February!

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To see more of Upper Antelope Canyon, click here. To see more of Lower Antelope Canyon, click here. So, which canyon will you choose? Where did you buy your tickets to both Lower and Upper Antelope?

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Can you please send the links? Have you bought it together or separate? Thank you in advance! Different companies run tours to each canyon, so you will have to book two different tours with two different companies. The links for these companies are at the end of this article. Cheers, Julie. Your email address will not be published.

What the quark?! Why matter's most basic building blocks may not exist

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Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both canyons.

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This is the Canyon with Ladders This is also the canyon famous for its ladders. Want to read more?

Down to Earth (April series Book 2) Down to Earth (April series Book 2)
Down to Earth (April series Book 2) Down to Earth (April series Book 2)
Down to Earth (April series Book 2) Down to Earth (April series Book 2)
Down to Earth (April series Book 2) Down to Earth (April series Book 2)
Down to Earth (April series Book 2) Down to Earth (April series Book 2)
Down to Earth (April series Book 2) Down to Earth (April series Book 2)

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