Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems

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Colophon hand-stamped and included in envelope. Published in an edition of 20 numbered copies.

Cash–for–Gold, a poem by Tammy Armstrong - Nova Scotia Advocate

What kind of images can be created with the use of a single word? Can a one-word poem create movement? How many ways can you read a one-word poem? How deep into each word can you venture? These are some of the questions Michael e. Casteels attempts to answer with this series of poems. A truly tactile experience. Rubber-stamped chapbook in a limited run of 80 copies.

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There was no piecing back my reflection. I was lagoon. Again and again I was lagoon. Nothing would change the simple fact that nothing would the simple fact. It was very simple: everything had changed, and I was still lagoon. Review by rob mclennan. The text is taken from the King James Version, and then altered, manipulated, and poetisized into these lovely little visual poems. These comics have been broken apart and re-assembled frame by frame. Rather than focusing on narrative or character or plot, these comics focus on shape, color, texture, repetition.

This process has created these surreal-western-visual poetry-comics. One contains a mini 8-page chapbook in full color. The other includes a unique found poem in the form of a dictionary page fragment. Bennett, loosely tucked into the issue. It's meant to get lost and be found again. Inside you'll find facebook mis-translations, collage, black-out poems, oddball Wikipedia articles, erasure poems, screen shots from kids television shows, overheard conversations, and a whole lot more. Keith Lorette C.

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Each poem is a sentence that stretches like a scenic highway, taking you along for the ride. Three poems by the everyday surrealist, Jason Heroux. A frame appears in each piece, but the poems themselves never feel constrained.

While it's true a few of poems exist within the boundaries of the frame, most pieces break through the four walls leaving the reader's mind to think outside of the box. A speech recognition program translated and transformed the noise of dishwashing into words recorded by the speech recognition program into a document in Microsoft Word.

When the scrubbing and rinsing had finished and the dishware was found clean and stacked in the dishrack, a poem had accumulated, had accrued. And an event had ended. Concrete poetry featured on the cover and throughout the book by Jess Rowlands. Edited by Michael e. Part visual poetry, part comic book, the work of fifteen contributors is meshed together into a seamless, abstract narrative.

Pupils dilate and ripen in this hinterland, this salubrious work-in-progress. A pheasant integrates from treetop to treetop; the curtains part and there she is, oh trembling heart, oh hyperventilation! Angry Black Woman. How about you stop trying to Get in my pants? I work those long hours, Undervalued,. I'm Not You I'm not you, For you chose the path of being everybodies stooge, Everybody knew what you did but me, And yet you still had the audacity to deny it when I can see, I can see you for your true colors,. Growing Up To Fast. I sit working on homework My friends all laugh and play Their ability to gossip is astounding I hope they don't lose their way.

Mama and I. How about a princess mama?

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That will be way too much drama How about a rock star? How about a lawyer? The Goal to Adulthood. In my youth, I only care for popularity, forgetting how to show sincerity. Friendships, real or fake that's all I wanted to make. My mom became my foe, always insisting me to grow. Social Justice. That only anorexia can fix. Those hips, these thighs. This hurt, the lies. The Glow Now.

AO Year1 Poems

Star Baby. Young teen in the streets, looking for love on empty. Mother's love wasn't enough so she had to leave. Then she met you, bright eyed beauty. Never knew she was special Late night convos, a late night session.

Poetry to get to sleep then 6am walks with his and Carrie's new dog

People Will Talk. I am a seventeen now, still dancing like no one is watching. Empty Purse.

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  4. I was invited to a movie night out with my friends It was Friday, it would do none of us harm. This was our time to have fun and forget. Standing Alone. When I was a boy sometime ago I faced a problem and wanted to let go. I felt scared but wasn't sure where and I was not strong. I had little courage. Awaiting Life. Gone but not Bygone. Sunshine and a Rainbow. By : Melissa H. The Change. Thick lips, thick thighs, wide hips, big eyes. I knew I was growing up when my body began to change.

    At first it was subtle,. My Experience with Liars. Experience with someone who is a liar Will always make my heart burn like fire I can't imagine why someone would do such a thing Not understanding what kind of circumstances lying may bring. When the dam split open. The Night Sky. Staring at the night sky, the stars would twinkle. The moon shone its light and my eyes would crinkle.

    My dreams ran wild,. Aquired Taste. Cookies, oranges, pizza as I please But not the nasty food,. A fence is like an airplane, It won't fly without jet fuel.

    go A commitment is like a door, You don't know what's on the otherside. Sprouting Up. When I was younger I had an idea about being like the big kids. Growing up has many responsibilities. You must not show any traits of puerility. I wish I knew that. Pomp and Circumstance Rang in my ears as I slowly took one last Glance At the world around me, that would change forever.

    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems
    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems
    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems
    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems
    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems
    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems
    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems
    Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems Four Oclock in Dog Years: Poems

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