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The friendship and encouragement from the other members is fabulous with age and gender no barrier so everyone has something to gain whether it be better sleep, more energy, more confidence, less weight or whatever you goal is. All involved including coaches thanks Alex and Irena — thank you. Highly recommend for everyone.

It has been a very doable program with great support from the daily emails, and supportive community. The family have loved the meals and with the very detailed shopping list and meal plans it has been achievable. I have felt so supported during the course. I would highly recommend. The support I received from both the coaches and the people doing this along with me was just amazing. The course is filled with so much information on not just diet and exercising but on so many other areas that also affect our overall health like sleeping, stress management, how to shop, gut health and so on.

What has impressed me the most are two things — the time that has gone into preparing the notes and menus as they have been of a very high standard and the time that has gone into providing feedback on Facebook. The recipes have been easy to follow and they cover a wide range of tastes and can easily be swapped around as needed. I have particularly loved the exercises. I found them very challenging at first but have quickly seen progress. This program kept me on track, and I certainly felt like part of a community working and supporting each other.

After completing the 8 week program I feel, I have the tools to continue on this lifestyle path for a healthy future. The meals are delicious and the community are always there when needed. Great people and a great program.

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Topping it all off, a generally very doable exercise plan. Pretty much everything you need to reset and rebuild a healthier body and lifestyle is included.

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With the support of the coaching, online community and healthy eating formula I have developed a healthier lifestyle that will be easy to sustain. I saw benefits very quickly and more than I had anticipated, such as weight and body fat loss, more energy and a new love of cooking. My body was as well — bloating gone, digestion improved and overall I felt more positive. The meal plans were very well designed to provide variety and the shopping list made it so easy to plan for the week ahead. I was even able to get my son and husband involved in cooking a few meals as each recipe was easy to follow.

I loved logging my meals as it made me really think about presentation — which is a huge part of eating — liking the look of your meal. It also kept me accountable and stopped me straying from the program. It works because of the amazing support given to each participant, and over the 8 weeks old habits are replaced with healthy options.

The program has enabled me to see the bigger picture instead of getting bogged down in the details and given me confidence in choosing the best foods for my body and my family. The holistic approach to health and wellbeing has been so helpful. I am sleeping better. I am motivated and enjoying cooking for my family again. I have energy to exercise again and did so everyday for the last 8 weeks. I have learnt the importance of listening to my body, what I can put into it and how much I can push it.

I feel incredibly healthy. Definitely, sleeping a lot better. In the fact the pain in shoulder I have add for 6 months, is now gone. I have a lot more energy. Overall I feel a lot happier physically and mentally. My sleep is better and my acne is starting clear up. Overall I am feeling pretty energized, healthy and happy. My digestion is also heaps better.

My running times definitely improved and I lost my jellybean addiction!!! Following this plan has helped me deal with my food allergies and I feel so much better.

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Its also a great reminder for me how easy it is to eat well with good healthy colourful food. Loving it! I finally cut the chains and threw the scales away recently….. That is huge cause pain has ruled my life for the last 5 years. Next time I want to focus on weight loss because I know it will help my joint pain.

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I walked into this total naive and with a totally different mindset. I joined wholly just to drop weight. Now I am laughing at that mindset and how much I have grown. This program is about health and well being. Mentally, physically and emotionally it has been my saviour.

Yes I have dropped weight but as the weeks passed my priorities changed. My priorities became about learning about the Paleo life style and its benefits. Paleolithic humans suffered from parasites, infectious diseases, and even atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries. Fast forward to today. Our diet has changed significantly, and not necessarily for the better. For one thing, it contains far more processed, packaged and commercially-produced foods than ever. Case in point: The top six calorie sources in the U.

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Meanwhile, obesity , diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases have dramatically increased over the past 50 years. The Paleo claim that our modern Western diet isn't healthy rings true. So what should we do to make it better? Paleo fans suggest we return to the meat and produce-based diet of our past. Specifically, the Paleo dietary model encourages us to base our diets on the following foods:. Notice what's missing from the list? Paleo tells us to avoid grains even "whole grains" , heavily processed oils such as canola and soybean oil , and processed foods in general.

Legumes and dairy are typically off limits too, though some guidelines allow these foods as the Paleo diet continues to "evolve. We already know the above list of processed foods and treats aren't good for us -- but what about whole grains and legumes? Let's tackle legumes first. Paleo people say we shouldn't eat legumes because of their high concentration of anti-nutrients like lectins or phytates. Supposedly that reduces their nutritional value to zilch. Fortunately for bean fans, that's not true.

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  • Research suggests that the benefits of legumes outweigh their anti-nutrient content. Cooking eliminates most anti-nutrient effects, and some anti-nutrients like lectins may even be good for us. As for grains , Paleo proponents say grains can lead to inflammation and related health problems.

    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way
    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way
    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way
    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way
    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way
    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way
    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way
    Living Life The Paleo Way Living Life The Paleo Way

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