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Its made out to be normal.

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I mean, think about it. Aside from stories that focus heavily on romance, how often does a character's heterosexuality have a big impact on the story? Does the fact that Palpatine is straight influenced Star Wars? And I highly doubt it was done to appease the fans. CRWBY doesn't do that. Monty, Kerry and Miles came up with everything together and something as big as this is very, very likely to have been decided early on. Plus, there are actually deleted scenes that hint at Bumblebee, not to mention the interview where Blake's voice actress says something to Miles that somewhat implies Bumblebee as well.

Managed to buy it on bol. Should be here on tuesday. Then I can stop avoiding spoilers. It's not revolutionary, but it's good. Cause HE intended that fight be what happened in Vol.

Either Coco or Yatsuhashi is LGBT according to an early review of After the Fall.

Yang wasn't meant to lose her arm. Instead they made Adam so overpowered that it makes no sense they were able to fight him in Vol. Also it is very likely that Bumblebee is for the fans. Cause it came out of no where, was so rushed and had no dialogue at all. See, the reason why they changed that is simple: storytelling. If Adam had died during his first major appearance after the Black trailer, that would have been awful. By changing it around, it gave the Adam and the White Fang a bigger arc, and more character development. How much of a let-down would it have been if Adam, after barely any screen time or info about him revealed, was instantly killed off the moment he makes his first major appearance outside of the trailer?

That was a good call. Adam never faced someone who before was his equel or superior in a situation where he couldn't take them by surprise, and they were at top strenght, in the show. His opponents are. Yang went to a combat school for several years and had private lessons from Taiyang and possibly Qrow, and Blake had been in the White Fang for her entire life and Adam even helped her train.

They both have had training. Adam was never overpowered. People just assumed he was super powerfull because he was cool. But when you look at his actions in the actual show He's like a bear that goes exclusively after weak bunnies or weakened deer. That's not impressive. Like I said, Adam was once mysterious and cool and stuff. People therefore made a lot of assumptions. He didn't live up to it, and as a result, they claimed he was nerfed. But he never was, if you pay close attention to the show.

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And no, it really isn't. Listen closely. The deleted cherry stem animation is talked about in the Volume 2 directors commentary. We have about half of the commentary written down, and we honestly should pick back up on writing down the commentaries. Gray: Yeah, we were right on the fence of, like, how Miles laughs slightly.

Miles: I think, I think it was like 50 percent like "Ehh" and 50 percent like "Eh, we don't have the time". This is literally a French kissing joke. Bumblee was planned, one way or another, or at least toyed with. It was just poorly executed. The deleted scene was a joke about French kissing, and is heard in the commentary of volume 2. Adam was a dissapointment anyway. He was so interesting at first because he wasn't a psycopath in his first appearance. He was a man fighting for his species' freedom.

He could have actually been a conflicting villain, while he shouldn't have been redeemed, people could sympathise with him for fighting for his poeple. He could've been such a badass villain. But no Monty was a fucking revolutionary animator, and pretty good at character designing.

God Adam was wasted, and all his death did was make Bumblebee a thing. Why the hell was Bumblebee so poorly executed if it was actually meant to be in the story. Fucking BlackSun had both Volumes 4 AND 5, and in that time it would have been more realistic and better written if it had happened instead of Bumblebee.

But it has so many problems.

It was not just to make Bumblebee a thing. There were many reasons behind it. I personally believe it was forced, but not in the way you might think. It was planned from the very start, but was executed poorly. As for Blacksun I can only conclude that they either were indecisive about who they wanted Blake to end up with and later decided on BB, or they were actually shipbaiting Blacksun and were always dead set on Bumblebee. B: So Blake and Yang could move on from that part of their lives.

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And C: Because it made the most sense to have Blake and Yang kill him. I wasn not meant to say confirmed. I should've said hinted.

It is hinted he has a power level on that of a powerful huntsman. But he was powerful enough that Blake feared him, what he would do.

Hamish Blake is going coco-nuts over coconut water

And while that fear could have stemmed from his influence on the white fang, it's more likely she knew that if he decided to come for her, he would beat her easily. But for the sake of making him a better character, they should have had him fucking escape My words may have been interpreted as scuch, but I didn't mean it. I would've rathered he be Incapacitated for the next voloume. I would like another person's perspective. If you think sparing him during Volume 6 could work, then that would mean absolutely zero development for Blake and Yang. I was saying that I agree with you on the fact that there was barely any Faunus discrimination in the story.

No Bumblebee involved. People claim that the Dance Arc in Volume 2 were the first signs of Bumblebee having a chance of being canon. There is also the deleted Bumblebee material that was going to appear in Volume 2 , not 1. I agree, while I don't think we need to see what happens in the bedroom I seriously do think that the Bumblebee Scenes in Volumes could easily be seen as non-romantic. Cause they weren't meant to be. He tells her to go tackle her PTSD with one of it's sources the none violent one. It would certainly give them the development they needed Sun isn't Neptune.

In Love With the Coco

JNPR are secondary. And devlopped their friendship. Considering everyone else already summed up the Bumblebee stuff, I'll focus on Adam instead. First of all, no. I don't think it was ever said how powerfull he was exactly.


Again, judging by all the things he's done in the show itself, he's nowhere near as skilled as Qrow. You're doing here what a lot of people do: making assumptions about Adam based on what you wanted him to be , as opposed to what he actually is.

Loves Lost and Found -  Blake and Coco Loves Lost and Found - Blake and Coco
Loves Lost and Found -  Blake and Coco Loves Lost and Found - Blake and Coco
Loves Lost and Found -  Blake and Coco Loves Lost and Found - Blake and Coco
Loves Lost and Found -  Blake and Coco Loves Lost and Found - Blake and Coco
Loves Lost and Found -  Blake and Coco Loves Lost and Found - Blake and Coco
Loves Lost and Found -  Blake and Coco Loves Lost and Found - Blake and Coco

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