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JAN MOIR: Nul points! Madonna puffed like a gran with a bad knee on Eurovision

So a gloomy s British living room will be created, recalling a time of three-day weeks, power cuts, the Goodies and aliens chuckling hilariously at how primitive earthlings were for peeling, boiling and smashing their potatoes. Visitors will then be able to watch the Eurovision night unfold in a crushed velvet homage to the Brighton Dome interior. Kelly said Abba had always had a close relationship with their fans. Towards the end of the show will be a recreation of the Manchester living room of one superfan, Andrew Boardman, a shrine to all things Abba.

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What was going on around them musically? How was it that Abba kept this strong, single-minded determination to be the best of what a pop band is?

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Whatever people think about Abba and their music, their global popularity is undeniable. This month the O2 will play host to Mamma Mia!

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The Party! Topics Abba. Both sets of points would then be combined. With twice as many points to be awarded, the chance of ending up with zero points is lower than ever. The show will unveil the results in two parts.

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After the jury points from each of the 43 participating countries have been awarded by each national spokesperson, the televoting points from all participating countries will be combined. The organisers, the European Broadcasting Union, describe the changes as the biggest since , the year Teach-In won it for the Netherlands with Ding-a-Dong.

Eurovision Song Contest - My Top 38 of Nul Point Songs 1962-2015

For several years, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest has been known well before the end of voting as mathematically no other act could catch up. The UK suffered the ignominy of nul points in when pop duo Jemini failed to impress the judges with Cry Baby. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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