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To determine whether or not a particular craft, job, or vocation is your true passion, start by asking yourself: Why? Why did I choose this specific career or vocation? Why did I decide to become a golfer, a skier, a cook, an investor, a runner, an engineer, a blogger, or an entrepreneur? Why did I get into this career-field in the first place? Why do I show up to work everyday? To figure out if a particular craft is your passion or not, you firstly need to understand your reasons and justifications for jumping into that career. For the grand majority of people, the answer at the top of their list of reasons is: Money.

Most of us pick our majors in college and choose our career-tracks based on money-motivated reasons. The end-goal of this system is the accumulation of money. But a life lived in the pursuit of wealth leaves no room for passion, love, or excitement for what you do. Because the craft that you love is never a career that you pursue purely for the sake of making money.


We live in a Rat Race culture of constantly chasing after some distant goal off in the future—a goal that keeps getting farther and farther away and never comes true. You stop hating Mondays. And in fact, you even get excited to jump out of bed and show up to your job every morning because you love it that much. Do you often feel cranky, agitated, upset, tense, wound up, or stressed out when you get off from work on weeknights?

Do you usually need to do or drink something to ease off the tensions of your workday?

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  7. When you leave the office to head home for the night, do you just collapse on your couch because you have no energy left for anything else? Almost all of us are doing careers that drain our energy and leave us feeling lethargic, tired, wound up, tense, and worn out by the end of the workday. We all love shortcuts. The allure of getting more by doing less is seductive. But are there times when doing more equals more? The other, quantity. To get an A, the quantity group was required to produce fifty pounds of clay pots.

    Not exactly an artistically inspired assignment. Easy: while the quality group held back — laboring under perfectionism — the quantity group got busy.

    ‘Follow your passion’ is wrong, here are 7 habits you need instead

    They practiced. Practice means greatness is doable … one tiny step after another. The only word less sexy than practice is planning. And yet planning is a golden thread woven through the lives of artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs alike. The trick here is that plans need not be grandiose. Optimism is wonderful when it comes to our dreams. Infected with passion, our plans lose touch with reality.

    We overestimate strengths and underestimate challenges. Where passion disconnects us from reality, planning — especially planning of the SMART goal and number-crunching variety — drives home the true state of affairs. That true state rescues us from false expectations, show stoppers, and resentment.

    Jason Stone, founder of Millionaire Mentor Inc. After that, if you don't have the skills, the tools, the resources, the knowledge, and the track-record to move forward, take risks, and expand.

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    Positioning is key to make sure you are ready when opportunity strikes! Humans are associative creatures.

    Finding the time to get into the zone

    We think and act not in isolation but by comparing and contrasting. Passionate people often come off as self-inflated. It embraces the associate nature of other people and — while it still leaves room for confidence — acknowledges that how others perceive us is more real, at least to them, than how we see ourselves. Peripheral is about establishing an unwavering curiosity to use your existing knowledge in uncovering new patterns and trends both for the sake of your personal development as well as the success of your business or career.

    Passion makes us myopic. Objectivity — the ability to see the world as it truly is — atrophies in the blinding light of passion.

    Adopting a peripheral perspective forces us to examine the margins. It widens our view. By cultivating curiosity. What am I ignoring? Who could give me a fresh take? Likewise, so is putting ourselves in new situations, reading books outside our passions, and intentionally pursuing people who have nothing to do with what it is we think we want.

    You Don’t Find Your Passion, You Choose It

    Brian D. Evans, founder of Influencive and Inc. Get up when you get knocked down. Come back stronger, faster, and above all smarter. The constant desire to learn and overcome has helped me achieve everything. You must persevere.

    Our Passion Is For You
    Our Passion Is For You
    Our Passion Is For You
    Our Passion Is For You
    Our Passion Is For You
    Our Passion Is For You
    Our Passion Is For You

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